Our Team

Christine Cordiak, CPA

Christine Cordiak is a Vice-President of CBS Certified Public Accountants, LLC, and Credit Union Business Solutions, LLC. In the thirty years, she has been with the firm, she has been instrumental in the formation of the firm's outsourcing services for credit unions. In addition, she has advocated our clients' introduction into asset-liability management. Chris has worked on audits of Brick & Associates' CU/ALM-ware system. She works with the clients of Brick & Associates providing independent reviews. Chris has been active in fundraising projects in her community. She is a graduate of Kent State. 

To contact directly, email her at ccordiak@cbscpasllc.com or call (440) 542-1536 ext. 27.

Ron Schmidt, CPA, MBA

Ron Schmidt is President of CBS Certified Public Accountants, LLC, and Credit Union Business Solutions, LLC. Choosing to serve an industry and people he loves, Ron has immersed himself in every facet of the credit union industry over the last forty years. Being a leader in board education and a connoisseur of effective management, Ron has taken his interest in governance and management into the boardroom. He credits his ability for engaging board members from his experience in engaging kids, having coached baseball and hockey for many years. Ron is involved in many charitable concerns and is one of the founders of the Heights Civility Project, a local effort to engage citizens in their community. While doing his graduate work at Case Western Reserve University, he ran the Boston Marathon.

To contact Ron directly, email him at rschmidt@cbscpsllc.com or call (216) 255-1892.

Celeste Isom

Celeste Isom, MBA is a graduate of Ursuline College in accounting and with a Master in Business Administration from Cleveland State University. Celeste is our audit specialist, joining our firm years ago, she has continued our excellence in audit and out-sourcing controller services to credit unions.


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